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#0 Spring Fresh Smoke & Odor Remover  64oz  4/Case

#0 Spring Fresh Smoke & Odor Remover 64oz 4/Case

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•New Formulation – New Fragrance
•Now with the Same Whispers of Spring Signature Fragrance as Maxima 256 (Seven Products in One Disinfectant Cleaner)
•Eliminate Fragrance Battles between Odor Control and Disinfectant Products – One Fragrance Throughout a Facility
•Light, Lifting, Lingering Fragrance Lets You Know It's There Without Overpowering
Acts Rapidly to Eliminate Odors
•Chemically Counteracts Odors – Does not Mask Them
•Chemically counteracts odors, does not mask them. Use anywhere there is an odor problem including on fabric, carpets, and upholstery.
Item Number: 600192000